Ink filling systems

Modello 57 Ebanite
In the Cervinia’s ranges four filling systems were prominently used or designed as the expression of the ability to manufacture sophisticated devices and the sensitivity to the market’s demand of the time:
1. Piston filling system. This is a system that allows to fill an ink chamber by simply creating a suction of the ink operated with a plunger;
2. Vacuumatic. Originally implemented in Parker pens, this system was ingenious but very complicated. A small piston in the back of the pen would blow the air out of the tank and little bubbles of ink would in turn drop in.
3. Button filling system. A rear button is pushed down to press an elastic bar which in turn squeezes the ink rubber sac to allow the refilling of the pen.
4. Pneumatic filling. This system was designed by Cervinia and tested with various prototypes but never implemented in the lines, most probably for the lack of funds necessary for filing an international patent. It consists of a simply air sealed rear blow device that creates a compression of the ink rubber sac, without any mechanical contact with it: it ensures high efficiency of the filling operation and prolonged durability of the ink sac itself.
Inbuilt Piston
Button ink filling
Vacumatic ink filling